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Enjoy your moment. SnapAid will take the picture
Using sophisticated machine learning and computer vision, SnapAid provide solutions for enhanced pictures, without manipulation of the picture itself, as well as head pose estimation with or without a second camera.
Our technology includes:
1. Catching the best non-blurred picture with confidence estimation (patented). 
Distinguishing the type of blur out of 3 types (camera, subject of focus movement).
2. Identifying bad face exposure plus recommendation of what to do. 
3. Head pose estimation without a camera, via radiation analysis (patented).
4. Taking a picture when camera field of view correlates to user field of view via a second camera (patented).
5. Finding the best picture out of a video stream.

Our patented AI engine finds the right moment to take a blur free picture, considering aesthetics and illumination. The engine can also give specific recommendation of a better composition to avoid illuminations problems.
The picture can also be taken hands free, by automatically detecting what the user actually looks at, and taking a picture representing the user view in real time.
With over 10 patents, 3 already granted, SnapAid has a stack of protected futuristic technologies aimed at photography solutions. 
  1. "Real time assessment of picture quality"
    • US Patent 9,338,348   (Granted)
    • US Patent 9,661,226   (Granted)
    • EP 3 849 379.6   
  2. "System and method for controlling a camera based on processing an image captured by other camera"​    
    • US Patent 9,661,215 (Granted)
    • EP 15782955.7
    • China 201580005858.X
Other patents in proccess
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